Microdome OBS Case Study

Microdome Online Backup Solution (OBS)
Case Study

Trouble in Paradise

A client of ours recently had one of their computers get infected with Cryptolocker. The Cryptolocker infection is an especially nasty one as it not only targets the local computer files but also any other connected media. External USB hard drives and mapped network drives are also vulnerable. The user that was infected also had administrator privileges to the entire shared directory on their server and also had a mapped drive to the root of the shared directory. As you can imagine this all added up to a bad mess of the user local files being corrupted as well as the entire network share directory.

Call to Action

As soon as the support request came in our techs immediately started working to isolate the infection and prevent any further damage from being done. Once the infection was isolated our techs assessed the damage and found that all data in the network share on their server was lost.

There is Hope

This client used our Online Backup Solution to keep secure backups of the data stored on their server. Our techs were able to do a complete restore of all the data to the network share directory. Once the data was fully restored and verified the client employees were able to regain access to the network share. Thanks to the client using our Online Backup Solution our techs were able to assess the situation, implement a solution, and restore user functionality within 24 hours of the support request.

Lessons Learned

  • Regardless of their position at the company, users with full administrator privileges to all files on a network is a dangerous practice.
  • Mapping the root of a network share rather than just the folders needed is dangerous. This practice is especially dangerous when the user has administrator privileges to the entire directory.
  • Having an excellent backup and disaster recovery strategy is of utmost importance to business continuity. Without proper backups this client could have lost years of data that would have been a catastrophic loss to the business.
  • The Microdome Online Backup Solution is reliable, secure, and robust.


Often we don’t realize how important and costly something is until we lose it. Don’t let a disaster cause your business downtime and monetary damages that could have been prevented. Give us a call or stop by today to discuss a custom backup solution that fits your needs. Our phone number is 812-265-1140 and we are located at 521 Clifty Drive, Madison, IN.

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